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Pistol Range

pistol shooting with eye and ear protection

Pistol range at Poetry Shooting Club is close to Dallas.  We are open daily.  Our range offers many different venues for the pistol shooting enthusiast. The range for pistols  features ranges up to 100 yards.

This range  is perfect for Concealed Handgun Licensing classes. Large caliber hunting pistol shooting is allowed, on the pistol range with targets placed low on the berm.

Large caliber pistol range services are offered daily at the Poetry Shooting Club. The large caliber pistol range offers a safe venue for the large caliber pistol shooters. The large caliber range for pistols is offered up to 100 yards. Large caliber hand gun range shooting is allowed on the range  with targets placed low on the berm.

A shooting range, firing range or gun range is a specialized facility, venue or field designed specifically for firearm usage. Some shooting ranges are operated by military or law enforcement agencies, though the majority of ranges are privately owned by civilians and sporting clubs and cater mostly to recreational shooters.

  • A minor under age 18 generally may not possess a pistol or assault weapon, except under the supervision of a parent or guardian. Other exceptions include: while engaged in an official military drill; during supervised practice at an approved shooting range; and while participating in a state-approved marksmanship or safety program.
  • There is no standard distance for practice. Most pistol competitions are at 25 yards which is the maximum distance available at NRA pistol ranges, so if you’re practicing pure marksmanship that’s the way to go. Any practice distance can be “the best” for something, as well as different progressions of distances.

Classes are offered periodically and private lessons are available. Instructional services available for all levels from introduction to firearms to competition shooting. CHL classes offered. Defensive pistol shooting and home defense classes for all levels from beginner to mature shooters with special attention given to first time and beginner male and female shooters and youth shooters. The pistol range has a class room available and instructors in all disciplines are invited and welcome.

This is quite unique, and always appreciated by the members for both safety, and privacy.

Fee is $30.00 for one shooter for two hours plus $20.00 for additional shooter with membership.. Proficiency must be demonstrated if requested by our manager.


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