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Bird Dog Training near Dallas

Catering to Do It Yourself Bird Dog Trainers.

florida-quail-hunting-300x225Bird dog training  is available anytime at the Poetry Shooting Club.  Accommodating bird dog owners and their need for a location close to Dallas to do dog training is our first goal at Poetry Shooting Club.

Bird dogs have long been the pride of many owners and have spent hours in the field as a working team with a common goal.

Many breeds of dogs are used in bird hunting, some being the German Shorthair Pointer, the English pointer, the English setter, Brittneys and others.

According to Texas law, bird dog training with pen raised quail may only be done outside of Quail season on a Quail Hunting Preserve licensed as a “Private Bird Hunting Area” as is the Poetry Shooting Club.


Bird Dog Training is available for Do It Yourself bird dog owners.   Training Field fee is $50 for two hours and quail at $10.00 each minimum 6. Young dog steady work with homing pigeons not to be hurt $10.00 rental each when you employ me as teacher at $50.00 an hour and I bring electric launcher.   Special young pup field fee $25.00. Evaluation of young dog with live birds $50.00 includes field fee, teacher and a few birds.   Bird boy helper if available $25.00 per hour and Teacher if available is $60.00 per hour and brings one launcher.

Bird dog training at Poetry Shooting Club is done any time of year. We also cater to the Do It Yourself bird dog train with fresh flighty quail always.  Club membership is required for bird dog training . Everything is by appointment always so find a time and book it. Your dog is waiting.

Our motto; “Take a youth shooting to build boldness and confidence in their future”

NOTE: Hunters, trainers and boarders are encouraged to determine if they are covered by their home owners policy or to obtain hunters insurance to cover any liabilities incurred.

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