Our History

Manager Walter Patton is an older quail hunter who first experienced the thrill of Bobwhite Quail covey rise in the wild on the same property where the Poetry Shooting Club is located today. Walter’s Aunt Helen had a wonderful Bobwhite Quail call mastered. Walter first experienced pen raised quail with a family relative called Uncle Willie who raised Bobwhite quail and allowed the children to take a peek at his Bobwhites. Uncle Willie did not want the quail to see us looking at them and we could not play close to the outdoor pens. Today Walter is always looking for better ways to have the best flighty quail possible.

Manager Walter Patton  is very easy going and has a life time of experiences about all things outdoors, guns, hunters, dogs and hunting. We try to offer a good field for training as well as private quail hunts. We want to do our part to insure that future youngsters have the opportunity to experience and get the thrill of excitement watching a staunch pointing dog and the rush of the flush when Bobwhites jump up under your feet sometimes. Poetry Shooting Club has flighty quail on site at all times and offer unguided hunts and guided hunts. We hope to be a place close to Dallas for a quick and easy experience outdoors and behind some dogs after some quail.

Poetry Shooting Club offers a venue location for many types of gatherings. Shooting Clubs, dog clubs, family parties, countryside outings business picnics, community projects, corporate and friends quail hunts.

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