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Membership To Poetry Shooting Club

Membership to Poetry Shooting Club is rerequired for all users of the club, $30.00 Individual, $50.00 Family membership for couple and children under 18.

Supporting Membership $100.00 supporting members renew as moved.

Life Membership $500.00 for our strongest supporters and Life Memberships may be given as gifts.

By appointment always and we only book one customer or group at a time. Cancellations within 24 hours of appointment cost 50% of booking amount. 50% deposits for large bookings required.

Release of Liability to be signed by all users and spectators at the club. Minor release needed.

Multiple Use discounts available. Safety is key here for all of our customers.

Trainers and Outfitters Appreciated and accommodated.

Special Venue for countryside events and parties available.

Located 50 miles east of Dallas, this North East Texas private shooting range is one of the very few shooting clubs where you are free to shoot alone without range masters running a group from beginning to end. Come with your friends and family and create lasting memories.

We also offer instruction for those new to the hunting, target shooting family.  We welcome first timers to our community.

From newbies to highly skilled, Poetry Shooting Club has something to offer every level sport lover and nature enthusiast.

Bring your church group, hunting club and/or high school reunion,  friends for a lasting memory. Veterans love meeting up with their old pals for a day of reminiscing and fostering the love of the outdoors with their kids.  We encourage all types to share this rare range with their loved ones.  So get your Membership To Poetry Shooting Club today and get back to your fist love of the outdoors.  Its time to reconnect. We are also looking to partner with local shooting clubs and gun stores for website link affiliates to swap links within our community.

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