Ask Rowdy – Issues with 16 mo old GSP with no training

Hi Rowdy Thanks one more time for sharing.What about this situation. I am in touch with a man who has two GSP males 16 months old that have not been worked. He owns the parents and tells a story of them being trailed and doing well. The pups are AKC registered and the old man is in bad health and wanting to get them in a place where they will get work. He is softly asking $500 each which in these times sounds like a deal. What would be the concerns with dogs this age and no bird work?


The concerns would be socializaiton and the type of birddogs they are. If they are dual quality, true Shorthairs (Kurzhaars) with extnesive socialization you are in great shape. If they have been tucked away in a kennel with no human contact and are all-age quality dogs, you are fucked. Find out what quality they are or get a copy of their pedigrees and let me look at it. Also find out what kind of socialization they have had.

Bird work is not even close to being a problem.

Tell me more what this means “dual quality, true Shorthairs (Kurzhaars)” and also “are all-age quality dogs,”‘

Your old dog Heisman was a Kurzhaar. Kurzhaar is the German word for Shorthair.

No pointer crossed into them. I guarantee Josie has more Pointer than Shorthair in her.

“All-age” is the craziest birddogs. They want to run from here to forever and not look back. They are thoroughbreds on steroids with a white coat.

Josie, for example, would be a mild example of an all-age dog.

Yes I remember you touching on this information before. Very interesting indeed. I will get some more background information the owner sounds like he has been a bird dog man a good long while. He says he has the sire and dam and one is one pass away from a champion something or other. AKC papered which I guess does not mean much. Can you look a pictures and know about the dogs breeding??

To a certain extent. I have been out of Shorthairs for about seven years, so it’s harder now. I can tell you if they are crossed with a Pointer or not.

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