Varmint Hunting near Dallas

varmint-pig-huntingVarmint hunting near Dallas, Texas is done when available and when no other hunting activities are scheduled at the Poetry Shooting Club. Varmint Hunting is done on the countryside location of the club. . Varmint hunting is done at night with varmint callers.

Varmint Hunting  Close to Dallas $50.00 per night or call when available. Night vision and suppressors allowed.

Varmint hunters must have a Texas general hunting license.

Varmint hunting or varminting is the practice of hunting vermin — generally small/medium-sized wild mammals or birds — as a means of pest control, rather than as games for food or trophy. The targeted animals are culled because they are considered economically harmful pests to agricultural crops, livestocks or properties; pathogen-carrying hosts/vectors that transmit cross-species/zoonotic disease…

  • If you’ve done any hunting down south, chances are that you’ve gone after a feral hog or two. In states like Texas and Florida, feral hog hunting is arguably the most popular of all varmint hunting.
  • Quantity precedes quality when you’re varmint hunting. Unlike with deers, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one animal. In most states, you are free to hunt as many varmints as you want. To make the trip more productive, try scouting the area for other games as well.
  • There’s an abundance of coyotes. In fact, it’s legal to hunt as many coyotes as you want in most states all year round. Some livestock farmers even pay hunters to get rid of the coyotes in their area.If you want to make some extra cash, try selling their hide. During the colder seasons, coyote hide can be sold at around $20 to $30 per piece. Those who hunt these wild dogs by the dozen will make a handsome profit.

    Their meat is edible. Just be careful not to eat rabid ones. Either way, not many people—hunters and non-hunters alike—can stomach eating coyote meat, no matter how well-cooked it is.

Our motto; “Take a youth shooting to build boldness and confidence in their future”

NOTE; Hunters are encouraged to determine if they are covered by their home owner policy or to obtain hunters insurance to cover any liabilities incurred.

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