Delete Shooting in the Shade

shaded 22 caliber shooting rangeSHADE SHOOTING


Shoot 100 and 200 yards and clay pigeons from the shade until 12 noon daily.


Our shaded 22 caliber shooting range is offered daily for range shooters at the Poetry Shooting Club near Dallas. The shaded 22 caliber shooting range offers a safe and deeply shaded venue for shaded 22 caliber shooting. The shaded 22 caliber shooting range is a under some large old oak trees and is very popular with disabled shooters in wheel chairs and others in the hot summer time.

The shaded 22 caliber shooting range offers classes periodically and private lessons are available.


Our motto; “Take a youth shooting to build boldness and confidence in their future”


NOTE ; Range users are encouraged to determine if they are covered by their home owner policy or to obtain shooters liability insurance to cover any liabilities incurred. 

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