Reloading Area

reloading-bookAn  on-site reloading area is offered daily for range shooters at the Poetry Shooting Club. The reloading area offers a safe venue for the reloading ammunition when working on loads while shooting at the range. The reloading area is a large room protected from the wind and weather elements.

The reloading area  offers reloading classes  periodically and private lessons are available. The reloading area is used as a class room and is available to instructors in all disciplines who are invited and welcome.

Use of the reloading area is on a membership basis with a membership fee of $15.00 from September 1st to September 1st each year like the hunting licenses in Texas.  No membership fees are required for youth under 16, shooters over 65, active or disabled military and disabled persons. Appointments are always required and the reloading area is only booked for one customer or one group of shooters known to each other at a time so that the shooter/s have the exclusive and private use and have run of the range. This is quite and special arrangement is always appreciated by the members.

Fee for the reloading area is $15.00 per shooter for two hours and may go longer if no one is booked next. All equipment and supplies needed by the shooter to be used in the reloading area must be brought by the shooter.

The reloading area is a family style, ma & pa, low key operation and is available for family and individual use. No drinking and or drug use is allowed at any time at the range.  The reloading area is located 35 miles east of Dallas, Texas and 8 miles north of Terrell Texas in the community known for over 100 years as Poetry, Texas. We are sure you will enjoy the use of the range and the reloading area at the Poetry Shooting Club and we look forward to earning your business.

Our motto; “Take a youth shooting to build boldness and confidence in their future”

NOTE ; Range users are encouraged to determine if they are covered by their home owner policy or to obtain shooters liability insurance to cover any liabilities incurred. 

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