Our Bird Dogs


Josie is an AKC registered German Shorthair Pointer 8 year old female who came to Poetry Shooting Club as a trained dog needing a home as a hard keeper with noises. Josie is a wonderful bird finder and never gets tired. You will be impressed after hunting behind Josie. She is ready to go 24/7 and is a real gun dog.

Pictures are on the way

Sammi is a GSP bitch red roan and is coming 5 years old. She is my wild child and if her e-collar runs downs she really starts to range. Finished bird dog and does it all.

Hank our nutered Boykin Spaniel is the leader of the show. He stays at heal, flushes and retrives to a fault, takes birds out of other dogs mouths. A really active and fun dog.

poetry-dogs-lile Lillie Marlene is my 3year old Llewellin Setter female. She is very naturally birdy, animated, soft, affectionate being very hard headed with eyes to die for. The Llewellin Setter is a very specific, pure strain of “English Setter with bloodlines tracing back to the breeding program of nineteenth century sportsman R. L. Purcell Llewellin. Lilli is so loving she is my favorite.


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